Nightly Mobile

The most advanced mobile WordPress theme

True power of Nightly is in its customizability.
Each demo below is small portion of what is Nightly truly capable of.

Sidebar navigation

Classic old-timer - sidebar navigation is easy way to navigate. With swipe gestures it is the way to go.

Dropdown navigation

Trendy, slick type of navigation used in many top-production mobile websites and apps.

Boxed navigation (standalone page)

With introduction of Microsoft's Metro this type of navigation became very popular. Noteworthy is also fact that this is standalone page navigation.

Circle navigation (standalone page)

Another type of standalone navigation with its own background set via featured image. Best for sites with only few pages.


Haven't you heard? Nightly Mobile is one of the few mobile themes that fully supports WordPress WooCommerce.
Mobile ready e-shops within few minutes!

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